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Effluent Filter

Effluent filters are used keep sludge and scum in the septic tank - allowing only clean effluent water to flow into the drain field or pump system chamber.  

Effluent Filters For Septic Tank

Effluent Filter Location

Effluent Filter Location In A Septic Tank

There are various types of Effluent Filters.

Here are four common ones found in residential septic systems.

Junior - Effluent Filters
Long Tube Effluent Filters
Grande Effluent Filters
Pl Effluent Filters

Effluent Filters must be cleaned once a year (and more often on heavily used systems). To do so, simply pull it up & hose it off. 

Cleaning Of Effluent Filters

Effluent Filter Installation

Effluent filters can be installed on most systems that have PVC baffles. If a tank has a concrete baffle, the concrete baffle must be removed. Commonly, concrete outlet baffles rot & fall off due to gases from the drain field. In this case, we finish breaking off any concrete that's in the way & install a PVC baffle in its place.

 Rotted Concrete Baffle

Rotted Concrete Baffle

Concrete Baffle Replaced

Concrete Baffle Replaced with PVC. Ready for Filter Installation. 

When we pump your septic tank, we clean the effluent filter and inspect the baffles to ensure they are in satisfactory condition.  

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