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The Country Classic And Country Classic 1.5

The Country Classic: Unique Lap Siding And Traditional Door

Looking for something unique? Try the Country Classic. The lap siding and traditional door will elevate the mood of any event. 

The larger Country Classic 1.5 offers not only traditional looks but a spacious inside as well. A hand wash station, mirror, motion light, & hand towels are standard features. Ideal for upscale events, your guests won't have to leave their suits or coats outside during use and parents can easily help small children.

The Larger Country Classic 1.5: Traditional Looks With A Spacious Inside

Recommended for weddings, executive socials, reunions, shows, & barn dances this unit will impress your guests & be an attractive addition to your event!

The Country Classic: For Weddings, Executive Socials, Reunions, Shows, & Barn Dances
Country Classic & Country Classic 1.5: Accommodation Of 50 People For Up To 4 Hours.

Both the Country Classic and Country Classic 1.5 will accommodate 50 people for up to 4* hours. Quantity is limited so call and secure your rental today! 

*When alcohol is served, double the number of units rented

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