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Maxim 3000

Recommended for weddings & upper-class events. This unit is extra clean, equipped with a built-in handwash station, & is never rented out for construction or in abusive environments.

Maxim 3000: Recommended For Weddings & Upper-Class Events.

Features a modern style with ultra-smooth walls, spacious interior, and a mirror on the door. 

Maxim 3000: Modern Portable Restrooms
Maxim 3000: Users Will Stay Clean

Users will stay clean with a built-in handwash station, soap dispenser, and stainless steel hand towel dispenser. 

The Maxim 3000 will accommodate 50 people for up to 4* hours. A popular choice for weddings, availability may be limited. Reserve yours today!

*When alcohol is served, double the number of units rented

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